Winter Watercolor Bouquet

Here’s a little idea for a sweet gift for a friend or relative who loves flowers and art.

Ideal for beginners, as this style of watercolor requires no experience and no expertise whatever to achieve a light, modern look sure to please.

You’ll be amazed when you pop your creation in a simple frame and marvel at the impact a little painting can have.


You need only five colors, one brush, a piece of watercolor paper and about 20 minutes to paint this little floral.

I used two colors today which aren’t found in many ready-selected boxes of paint, but which are very useful and fun to use – Terre Verte (Green Earth) and Potter’s Pink. These two colors make lovely soft shades ideal for gentle watercolor wanders in the world of flowers.

Terre Verte (translates as Green Earth) is a sludgy, dully blueish green that makes wonderful muted foliage and which mixes well with both blues and yellows to give an endless range of grey-greens.

Potter’s Pink (so called I think because it resembles the color of dried clay) is a soft, greyish pink which, like Terre Verte makes muted pinks and mixes well also with blues to give violets.

It can be very useful to have a few colors like these in your palette for when you want to paint soft and subtle florals because it takes you less time to achieve a range of muted colors when you start with a soft shade in the beginning.

If you go to my amazon shop you’ll find these colors listed for you in the Shopping List called My Paints.

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I love to recommend the books I’ve enjoyed and this week is especially interesting as I’ve received a copy of a lovely watercolor flower painting book by a French artist called Blanche Tristant. Take a look at it on amazon, and there are also reviews of it on YouTube. You can find her on YouTube at L’eau Bleu and don’t forget you can set the video to show you subtitles in English if you want to hear what she is saying!

I also picked up Pat Weaver’s Watercolor Simplified, a book that was a game-changer for me a good many years ago. She was ahead of her time, making watercolor much simpler to understand years before anyone else thought of “modern watercolor”!!

Plus here’s a link to How to be a Wildflower, an inspirational book for nature art journalers by Katie Daisy which is a fun book to have.

Watch Winter Watercolor Bouquet


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