Let one of our growing collection of ‘Relax, Breathe, Create’ and Signature Series mugs keep you company as you create.

If you have a favorite tutorial that you think would make a great mug design, let us know and we’ll see what we can do. The blue dragonfly mug was created by viewer request, and the next one could be yours!


These notebooks are a little different because the pages are printed with dots, instead of the usual ruled or blank pages. This opens up a world of opportunity for organised creativity! Sketch, swatch, practise your perspective, easily free-hand boxes and lines to make your notes stand out… or why not go down the bullet journalling route, with these beautiful hardcover wire-bound journals.

Other Gifts

So far this is just a taster… but for the full range of merchandise gifts we’ve created so far, please take a look at our shop on Spring.