September 2021

Painting Chickadees and Oak Leaves in Watercolor

Everyone loves a chickadee, so here are six of them to paint! Perched in a row on a branch of autumnal colored oak and acorns, they are a cute family group just thinking about settling down for the night.

Painting Crows in Elder Trees

This time of year you start to see crows roosting in the trees in the late evening as they begin to get ready for the night. With fewer leaves on the trees they are more visible than at other times of the year. They gather together for security and protection against predators and also to …

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Painting Trees in Watercolor

by Diane Antone I have been painting trees in watercolor for many years. It has been an almost lifelong passion of mine, but the roots (excuse the pun) go back to around 1987 when I started to pick up my childhood hobby again after a considerable break while I had a young family. At that …

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Autumn Tree with materials and leaves

How to Paint an Autumn Tree

There are as many ways of rendering a tree as there are trees in a forest. In today’s video I decided to go for a really loose wash to indicate the bronzing foliage of September, and then drew the trunk and branches with a Staedtler Noris Aquarell black pencil. This gives a very realistic impression …

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Swallows and Seedheads in Blue and Gold

Swallows and Seedheads in Blue and Gold ink and paint are a striking image for the end of summer in the northern hemisphere, when the swallows depart to return home to North Africa, and the flowers turn to seeds in preparation for the dormancy of winter.

watercolor painting of flowers with Viviva colorsheets and Kuretake waterbrushes in bright colors including Kuretake Starry Colors

Fun with Flowers

Looking for something really quick and easy for you to paint today, I created these simple, easy and colorful flowers.

Capturing a Hare in Watercolor

Here’s my latest video tutorial on YouTube showing you how to paint a loose, colorful hare, sure to please all animal lovers. You can download the sketch free of charge from here.

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