April 2022

Three Cute Wet-in-Wet Birds

Today we are practising wet-in-wet and water control and having fun at the same time! If you want to succeed with wet-in-wet you really do need a good quality paper, and there is nothing better than Arches 140lb cold press fine grain paper from France – it’s widely available online. I buy mine in sheets […]

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Paint a Sunflower on Canvas

On our Facebook group we have a challenge running right now, with a prize at the end of May, to paint a sunflower painting every day until the end of the month. The idea is to use the sunflower as a warm-up for your painting session, and to practice skills without having to decide what

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Sunflowers and Bird Houses

Sunflowers are one of the most popular flowers for artists to paint, and they also are very popular as themes for interior decor, especially for garden rooms, conservatories and even kitchens, as the cheerful sunflower face seems to fit well into places where the sun often shines. For this painting I decided to add some

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Chickadee on Magnolia Flowers

How to paint this simple loose Magnolia branch with a tiny Chickadee sitting in the blossoms. After a recent short holiday in Canterbury, England, I just had to paint a branch of magnolia blossoms, as they were so beautiful this spring. The Chickadee is also on holiday from the States, and asked if he could

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Cute Easter Bunny and Friends

Here’s a simple, whimsical Bunny and his little friends for you to try as an Easter card or gift. The sketch is available to download here on our website FREE of charge, along with all our other tutorial sketches. All the materials I used for this painting of a Cute Easter Bunny and Friends are

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