May 2021

Swallows in the Sky

It’s been very blustery here lately, the wind being the latest trick the weather has had up its sleeve for us, following on from drought, weeks of frost, torrential rain and hail – all in May! But the swallows continue to share their aerial displays with us, and delight us that they are back for

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Pansies for Spring

We have a lovely collection of pansies in our garden. Nothing spectacular, but they self-seed every year and every year they come back with their lovely colours and cheerful faces! So every year I have to paint them, of course! So here is a tutorial for Pansies for Spring!

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Three Dragonflies

This painting came about by chance, as is often the case. I made a few backgrounds using salt and saran wrap (clingfilm) and this one struck me at first as a bit dark and possibly difficult to paint on. But then I realised that a few dragonflies would be just the ticket, and would look

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Robin in Cherry Blossom

In this tutorial I talk about how to make a simple textured background for your painting, and then how to position the subject easily and effectively on top of that background. Then I show you how to paint a robin in a loose but realistic style, accompanied by his flowery branch of blossom. Why not

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Doodle Birds

These little cuties grew out of the page after I found a fallen birds’ nest in the garden. I picked up a Staedtler liner pen and sketched some bird-like shapes sitting on twiggy branches, and then coloured them in with loose, splashy watercolor brush-strokes. A satisfying way to spend half an hour – and every

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I want to be free!

Ink and Wash Flowers – Easy Floral Design – Step by Step Tutorial to Inspire Creativity Breaking away from the tightness of line drawing and “colouring in” even if only temporarily, can break an artist’s block and bring you back into the world of painting. Release your inhibitions and expectations and just play with colour

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Line and Wash Geranium

As promised, another pen and ink tutorial, with a colour wash in watercolour bringing the geranium to life. We have a few geraniums which are determined to struggle into flower despite this very cold spring. Although they look complicated to paint, they can be simplified to individual flowers, the leaves can be thinned out a

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Blue Hare

Why is it that often, the hardest part about painting is deciding what to paint, then running out of excuses or reasons to not get started? Why do I suddenly experience an irresistable urge to dust the furniture when I know a painting is waiting impatiently to be born? Today I wanted to do something

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Little Girl with Flower

I was asked to paint a little girl by a client and this painting is the result of a few weeks of thinking and planning the composition and the sketch. It’s now available for you to follow along to as a tutorial on YouTube if you want to have a go. This painting doesn’t require

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