Diane Antone x Craftamo Brush Set – Second Issue

Second Issue of Diane Antone x Craftamo Brush Set available now to pre-buy!

Our first limited edition issue of the Craftamo brushes sold out completely within hours! We were delighted to be able to persuade Craftamo to produce a second run, which will be shipped mid-December, and which you can buy NOW on the Craftamo website. You don’t have to wait for a particular day to order, you can go ahead and buy now, and relax knowing the brushes will be shipped as soon as they become available. The tentative date is 18 December.

This will definitely be your last chance to obtain these brushes. I am going to use them consistently in upcoming videos, so you will find lots of demonstrations showing how to get the best out of mop, cats tongue, flat and round – plus the ever mysterious rigger – if you do decide to purchase. I am not going to continue to create more brushes with Craftamo, because I do not want to inundate you with products. So if you buy a set you will have a genuine limited edition (total number available 600) and who knows, they might even increase in value and have an investment potential in the future, LOL!

If you do want to obtain a set, go to Diane Antone x Craftamo on their website to find out more!


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3 thoughts on “Diane Antone x Craftamo Brush Set – Second Issue”

  1. I got mine the other day and used the first one today – they are really nice. I love the attention to detail and the packaging is out of this world. I’m glad you sold out and had to make more! YAY!!!

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