June 2022

Watercolor Fishing Harbor Scene

Paint this little fishing village harbour scene complete with boats and lighthouse in your Etchr sketchbook. Using A. Gallo paints and a Sakura Micron pen you can make up your own details to reflect your own experience of villages like this. Let’s go paint! What’s more delightful than hanging out by the water, and gazing …

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Simple Olive Leaf Bookmarks

Here’s a sweet meditative and relaxing warm-up exercise for you to achieve two things – practice watercolor techniques and create a little gift in the form of these Simple Olive Leaf Bookmarks! All you need is your watercolor set, a brush and a fineliner. Plus half an hour of your time and away you go! …

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A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies!

Some days it’s hard to raise a smile, let alone a chuckle! But if you can manage to find a paintbrush and stir your stumps as they say in the navy, then you can get your mood to lift and you might even laugh out loud! These pretty butterflies with their simple embroidery-styled embellishments are …

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#Paint a Bird a Day Series

This month we are running a series of tutorials to help you beat the blues and create. What better to lift your spirits than a little bird – or two, or three … So today I’m going to feature the Imperfectly Perfect Circle Birds. You’ve heard the expression “I can’t draw a straight line” and …

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Turning Circles into Roses

If a quick floral is what you are looking for then look no further than these flowers, made simply and without stress to create a stylish image ideal for a greetings card, bookmark and more. The great thing about these flowers is they are totally undemanding and unthreatening. All you need to do is pick …

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A Galaxy of Abstraction

Sometimes we just don’t want to paint anything particular. For example, we have kids to entertain and couldn’t possibly concentrate on a proper painting. Or we have a headache, or it’s just one of those days. This is when a Galaxy of Abstraction comes to the rescue! This painting can be as much or as …

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Fishing Village Sketch

Here is the latest sketch for you to download for your painting which goes with the YouTube video of the same subject. We’re trying out sending some of them direct to Patreon members so you don’t need to go to the website to download them, and would be glad to hear whether you will find …

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Free Gift for June 2022

Hello everyone! It’s time for June’s free gift, and this month we’ve created a digital download bundle for you from my recent Sweet Peas tutorial.  You’ll get a phone wallpaper, a desktop wallpaper, and a mini-print which can be printed for framing, used for a greetings card, or whatever takes your fancy! So please head …

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Three More Wet-in-Wet Birds

Along with flowers, birds are top of most watercolorists lists of favorite subjects to paint. And the way to paint them ranges all the way from literally painting every feather on a bird (not my style!) to loose impressionistic renditions of the “essence of bird!” I prefer the essence of bird approach and I also …

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