June 2023

Happy Hedgehogs!

This is an easy little landscape that will make you happy too! You can find the sketch here to copy or trace and the full tutorial is available free on YouTube. It’s a quick and easy paint and would make a very cute gift or card for any nature lover. I added a few birds […]

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Potty about Pots

Inspired by the fascinating designs found on pots made in Kashmir I have branched out into negative painting today! If you’re not keen on trying to draw a symmetrical pot you can find a sketch here which will help, with a few different shapes to choose from. I’ll leave the surrounding leaves up to your

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Inspired by Kashmir

Do you ever wonder where all the ideas for designs which surround us come from? I do, often. Recently I found myself looking for ideas for a new video, which I wanted to have based around a floral decorated pot or vase, and I came across some beautiful examples of handpainted pots made out of

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Turning Circles into Flowers

Let’s break with tradition and paint some flowers starting with circles! The essence of a flower is a circle, gradually expanding outwards to create the infinite number of different flowers which cover the planet. So let’s start with some circles and see where that takes us! Let’s embark on another creative journey together and explore

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Lavender Blue, Dilly Dilly

The lavender in our garden is in full flower at the moment and looking lovely. So here is a very quick idea for a couple of lavender themed bookmarks that you might like to add to your repertoire. It’s easy to give them your own personal twist by varying the colors and the supporting cast

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If I jump, will I fly?

Painting without a plan has something in common with bungee jumping. Although you know it probably won’t hurt and could be exciting, you’re still pretty nervous about stepping off the edge and letting gravity do its work. There are days when I know exactly what I’m going to paint. Tomorrow for example I know I’m

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Don’t watch this video!

Don’t watch this video if you are looking for slick polished content with not a second of breathing space between words! Don’t watch if you want to see a performance of dazzling skill, impressive mastery of a demanding medium over a tricky subject, or a humbling demonstration of nineteen different tricks you should have known

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Why do we love to paint?

Most of us say these days that we paint for relaxation, don’t we. We used to talk about our hobbies, but nowadays you rarely hear that term used, as young people love to consider their mental health, their need to relax, the pressure of life and social media, and much much more. Long gone are

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Easy-Peasy Bumble Bee-Zee

Our garden is full of bees at the moment, bumble bees, honey bees and various other types of bee, all buzzing around merrily pollinating the flowers which are merrily giving me hay fever! So today I thought I would paint three quick bumble bees in my loose style, accompanied by some equally loose floral elements.

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From the Archives

Watch this video if you have either of these questions going round in your head: Both these problems are answered in this video which gives you a glimpse inside my studio where the paint gets stuck in its tube, the brush gives up the ghost and I get covered in blue!

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Tufted Titmouse and Friends

This tiny bird is very hardy and manages to survive in the far north of America even in the bitterest of cold winters. They are clever birds who store food in cracks in tree bark or in holes, and they manage to remember – unlike squirrels – where they have left the food and can

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Modern Mandala Painting

Painting a Mandala Today I thought it would be nice to do a mandala in watercolor and to talk a bit about what they are and why they bring so much into our lives, if we let them. Mandalas are traditional designs based on religious motifs which originate from the Buddhist and Hindu traditions and

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