August 2022

Whimsical Swallows in Flight

Before long our swallow population will be lining up on the power lines for their last assemblies before saying goodbye and heading south for their winters in Africa. The farm will feel much quieter when they are gone, and our skies are no longer filled with the swooping, sweeping curves of their flight. This summer […]

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Whimsical Teddy Bear Family

Here’s a fun teddy bear painting ideal to while away a few idle moments! Perfect gift for a new baby great or one to do with the kids and perfect for a card for your friends! Add your own personal touches to make it yours! The great thing about this little painting is that it

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Whimsical Mushroom Forest

Using Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolor paints This beautiful mushroom forest painting is beginner-friendly, as well as being a challenge for more advanced artists. It’s easy to make the design different by painting only one or two of the mushrooms, and making the whole picture bigger or smaller depending on whether you want a full size

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Pretty Floral Four Ways

There are days when you want to do something a bit different. Maybe your watercolors aren’t calling to you as loudly as usual, or you just want something quick and easy to do in a ten minute break. Here’s a design I did in four different ways and you can see how if you watch

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Watercolor Summer Flowers

We all love flowers, and what is more delightful than to paint a bouquet of summer blooms? Here is a simple, loose, easy summer painting for you to enjoy. Flowers look their very best when they are painted loosely and with expression, and they are most forgiving, allowing you to freely redesign their leaves and

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The Village Walk

Landscapes are daunting. No doubt about it, with all that perspective and the arrangement of the features you want to include. Then there’s scale, and tonal values, and proportions, and and and…. But there is an answer. Why not try my two-dimensional fun landscape of your village or townscape? For this painting I used a

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