The First Snowman to the Party – Snowman Christmas Card

Started getting ready for Christmas yet? If you plan to paint your own Christmas cards this year, you can’t start too soon, as all the other jobs quickly pile up and push painting into the background. So here’s my first card of the season for you to make! I did a video of a similar snowman last year who was very popular, so I decided this year to repeat the theme, but using completely different techniques and materials! I’m really pleased with the result, and hope you will enjoy it too!

Making Your Snowman Christmas Card

I used Fabriano Tiziano pastel paper for the painting, but any tinted paper would be just fine. It doesn’t have to be very thick for this style of painting, because very little water is used. You don’t need to worry about the paper buckling either. There are a couple of ways you could approach this. Either use coloured card and paint directly on to the card, or, to be on the safer side, work on coloured paper and glue the finished work on to the cardstock once you’re done. That is obviously also the best way to do it if you are going to make copies of your snowman and use him on multiple cards. That way, you can also reduce or enlarge the image to fit your needs.

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Fabriano is the very best pastel paper and it stands up to quite a bit of rough treatment, including the use of watercolor and ink. It’s pricey though so I’ve made other suggestions.

You can’t go wrong with Canson paper – they make the Clairefontaine range as well as Arches and other brands, and this is a 50% cotton pastel paper ideal for this project.

Strathmore is a tried and tested product you will find ideal for the mediums I’m using for this design and it is widely available in art supply shops worldwide – at bargain prices!

Soluble carbon, white pigment and soluble graphite in this set are what I used mainly for this Snowman. If you haven’t tried working with blocks of watercolor pigment, this is a great innovative way to start.

Winsor and Newton white ink is my ink of choice for white highlights and in this painting I used it for the snow as well. It dries quite brightly, and is a good alternative to white gouache, which tends to fade back quickly.

A popular and effective alternative to Winsor and Newton white ink, the Ph Martins bleedproof white ink is also a good choice for this project.

I love my Starry Colors and am always trying to think of ways of incorporating them into my work! They are lovely, opaque shades of gold which will enhance any Christmas themed project.

This iridescent medium can be mixed with any paint or ink on your palette and will add a sparkly shine to your painting. A quick and inexpensive way to add a Christmassy twinkle to your cards!

I really like the freedom you get when you sketch with the 5.6mm lead in this pencil. Mine is a different brand but this make is a perfect substitute. The pencil lead it holds will last for almost ever!!

Watch the Snowman Christmas Card or Gift tutorial here:


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