Christmas is Coming!

Here’s a great offer this month for members of either Patreon or YouTube at the mid tier or above! We are producing beautiful collections of our Christmas themed sketches for you to download and print out to help with your Christmas projects. So far there are two colouring books – Whimsical Christmas and Traditional Christmas, […]

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Tufted Titmouse and Friends

This tiny bird is very hardy and manages to survive in the far north of America even in the bitterest of cold winters. They are clever birds who store food in cracks in tree bark or in holes, and they manage to remember – unlike squirrels – where they have left the food and can

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Exploring Watercolor Animals

Adding a bit of whimsical fun to your animal paintings is a great way to make them truly special. If you’re looking for a creative card or gift idea, try adding a few whimsical animals to your work. A delightful creature can really bring a painting to life and give it a unique feel. Whether

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A Partridge in a Pear Tree

Here’s a traditional version of a contented partridge nestling in a pear tree just in time for Christmas! The sketch for this painting is available free to download here and full instructions are on the video which you can watch by clicking below: Materials Here are the materials I used to create this painting. Paints

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Red Cardinal on Snowy Holly

Everyone loves the Red Cardinal, the brightest spot in the winter in many cold climes. Nothing says Christmas louder than a flock of cardinals feeding in the garden. So for the Christmas seasonal change in decor, I painted a single cardinal on a branch of holly. Materials Paper The paper I chose was a 140lb

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Baby Birds and Baubles

Today I decided to start the morning session in the studio with a loose warm-up exploring my Kuretake Gansai Tambi paints, before going on to the main painting of the day. So using my medium sized Isabey quill brush I simply picked up color at random from the set and made circles on a piece

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#Paint a Bird a Day Series

This month we are running a series of tutorials to help you beat the blues and create. What better to lift your spirits than a little bird – or two, or three … So today I’m going to feature the Imperfectly Perfect Circle Birds. You’ve heard the expression “I can’t draw a straight line” and

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Chickadee on Magnolia Flowers

How to paint this simple loose Magnolia branch with a tiny Chickadee sitting in the blossoms. After a recent short holiday in Canterbury, England, I just had to paint a branch of magnolia blossoms, as they were so beautiful this spring. The Chickadee is also on holiday from the States, and asked if he could

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