Easy Whimsical Watercolor Birds and Hedgehog Tutorial

Looking out the studio window at my bird table gave me the idea to paint this tutorial. You can put any birds on the painting, blue tits and robins would be great for a European setting, and chickadees or cardinals suit the North American natural world very well. If you need help painting those other birds, I have tutorials on all of them which you can find if you visit my YouTube channel home page and search for those keywords. Or, for drawing help, here on my website I have free downloads of sketches of all my painting tutorials which you can have for no charge, to help with the drawing. Just click here to find them.

Here is my Easy Whimsical Watercolor Birds and Hedgehog Tutorial – you can download the sketch for free and get painting right away!

And here are some quick links to some of my other tutorials!

Easy Birds to paint!

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