Swatch and Doodle

Using my Kuretake Art Nouveau set I created eight pastel toned rectangles and embellished them with doodles in paint and pastel. This meditative exercise in watercolor and drawing is easy and relaxing to do and will be a good way to spend an hour unchallenged by the need to perform or achieve. Just let’s go with the flow and play with a while with colour!

Page of Art Nouveau watercolor swatches with doodles in pastel pencil.


Kuretake Art Nouveau set

Faber Castell Pitt pastel pencils

Etchr 140lb cold pressed A4 size watercolor paper block 

I used just two round brushes, one size 11 and one size 5. My paints were the Kuretake Art Nouveau set, but any colours could be used for this painting. The Kuretake paints are very harmonious and you could really choose any eight of the set of 24 to make a tasteful arrangement.

I happened to have a few pastel pencils in coordinating colours for the doodles, and I’m thinking about buying a set with more colours in it for future paintings.


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1 thought on “Swatch and Doodle”

  1. Susan Robinson

    This is my first time I’ve signed up to your blog, although I have been subscribed to you on You tube for a few years now. Plus I have recently bought the Kuretake Art Nouveau set, so I’ll be trying them out with your Swatch and Doodle. Can’t wait !
    Have you done a video on journal making. I would love to do one, but have no idea what to put in it. Thank you for your commitment to putting out your paintings. Well done.

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