Mr & Mrs Snowman and some Baubles

Inspired by the paintings I did of the little tree angels I’ve had for half a century, when Mr and Mrs Snowman came out to play on top of the Christmas cake this year I couldn’t resist borrowing them for a few minutes to paint their portraits too!

The sketch for our snowpeople is available to download for free from here.


You really don’t need anything unusual for this painting, although a little bit of white gouache or Dr Martin’s white paint would be handy for snow. I also used gold for the baubles, but again, this isn’t a deal breaker and you can easily just use whatever colors you have handy.


My paper was a greetings card from Strathmore for the baubles, and a piece of hot-pressed 140lb watercolor paper for the snowpeople.

Brushes and Pens

I used a round synthetic brush in size 5 and 9, plus a rigger for the pine needles. All of these are in the Zen Art set shown below. I also used a waterproof fineliner size 0.3mm and a white gel pen.


I used Winsor and Newton Professional or Cotman for the paintings. I was using my larger butcher’s tray palette which is my preferred way of painting.

I also used a little bit of gold paint from my Etchr set, link below, but you could just as easily use the Kuretake Starry Colors or the Coliri Pearl Colors.


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