Cute and Easy Little Watercolor Birds

We all love birds and painting them brings great pleasure, but sometimes they seem so difficult to capture the essence of and end up heavy and dull. Here’s a way to paint cute and easy little watercolor birds as light and airy as they really are, with minimum time and fuss. Watch this video and see birds in a different light!

You only need one brush and a few colors of paint to make this charming cute painting. I used turquoise blue, cadmium red, quinacridone gold and permanent rose for my painting. The sketch of this painting is available for free download here.

I also used a Kuretake waterbrush which was excellent for keeping the painting light and airy.

I did this painting in a Viviva sketchbook. The paper in these sketchbooks is a good weight of proper watercolor paper, about 130lb, and it takes the paint really well, without bleeding or soaking in too fast. You can get a viviva sketchbook in several sizes. I have the A5 size, which is about the size of half a sheet of letter sized copy paper. It’s a handy size for traveling with your paints.

One of my favourite paint sets is the Viviva colorsheets which are quite new to the market and very new to me, and I do recommend you give them a try. They are ideal for capturing the light airy colors of cute little birds, and handy to have with you at all times.

More Watercolor Birds Tutorials

Here is a cute and easy painting ideal for a greetings card or little gift, featuring a host of tiny birds having a snack at the bird table. Why not give it a try too? The kids will love doing it with you for grandma’s Christmas card – try adding a touch of glitter for a festive look! You can download the sketch here

Free Downloadable Sketches of YouTube Tutorials

Clear black and white line sketches, hand-drawn by Diane, are available free to download from here. All sketches show full details of the painting you are going to do by following the tutorial, and have been professionally scanned and uploaded in high resolution for you. Bundles are also available as Coloring Books which can be printed, and include a cover and back page for a great presentation.

sketch of little watercolor birds in flowers


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