Capturing Nature’s Dance – enchanting watercolor wildflowers

Would you like to know how to paint autumn leaves and late summer flowers in a modern abstract watercolor floral style? In the meadows near us right now are many flowers and leaves turning their thoughts towards autumn. Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is right upon us already, with the early morning air tinged with the thought of future frosts and the leaves – barely fully green this year – are leaning towards the ambers and russets of the late summer and autumn months. 

Let’s relax and take a deep breath to overcome our anxiety, wherever it comes from, and just paint some lovely colours on to a nice white sheet of watercolour paper. The worst that can happen is you create a page for your next collage, or a few bookmarks, and the best is that you feel better after half an hour playing in your paints. Join me and find out how!

Material Choices

One of the best things about the Kuretake Gansai Tambi colours is the intensity of the paints and their flexibility. They can be used well-diluted to make them into transparent watercolours, and they will merge and flow like any other watercolours. Or you can use them with less water, when they become somewhat opaque and will easily cover other colours. This is very useful for building up depth in a painting and simply trumps the transparent watercolour’s abilities. Plus, you will find the Gansai Tambi colours less likely to form back runs or “cauliflowers” which can marr your painting if they crop up in the wrong place.

For these reasons I find myself using those colours very often for my videos, especially as it is often necessary to “mend” a painting which doesn’t necessarily go the way I had intended at the start! I guarantee you will have the same experience!


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