Are you a paint junkie?

I have too many materials. Too many paints to expect to ever be able to use them all up. And I don’t think I have anywhere near as many paints as many people if the studios I’ve seen online on YouTube are anything to go by. I sometimes wonder why I and others are seemingly addicted to collecting paints when we couldn’t ever use the ones we already have!

The foundation of my supplies is the paints I have collected gradually over the years. Many of them go back three or even four decades, as some were inherited from other artists now no longer with us.

I realised today that these paints carry a heavy burden, some might call it a karmic load, of memories and regrets as well as happier memories and recollections. Whether positive or negative, there are definite emotions attached to each tube of paint, and this is something that can be quite inhibiting to the creative process. I don’t think I realised this until today when I was recording my latest video.

And this is why we are so keen to acquire new paints, I think. I’ve been painting for half a century and most of my life is behind me. All these tubes and pans have memories which quite honestly I’d rather not recall on a daily basis. When I acquired the Kuretake set, which is a completely different concept to the tubes and pans I’d been used to, I suddenly found myself liberated. I believe I even said in one or two videos that they were incredibly liberating for me and that my painting skill had taken a turn for the better (in my opinion) – or if not better, at least more enjoyable for me.

I think this is because the new paints have no associations for me with things from my past.

So this is what I wanted to talk about today in the video and here on the blog. I wonder whether you are similar to me in this regard?

Do remember to leave a comment below if you find this resonates with you in any way, or on YouTube.


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