Watercolor Brush Sketching Easy Flowers for Creative Healing (how to break the rules!)

This watercolor brush sketching flower painting tutorial is for beginners and all levels. Learn how to paint loose watercolor florals with Diane Antone for relaxation and creative healing. This easy semi-abstract loose floral watercolor flower and leaf painting tutorial in modern watercolor style will help you to learn how to paint and also how to get started with brush sketching, reverse coloring, doodling and mark making for embellishing all kinds of whimsical florals. These easy and creative methods of creating art are perfect for beginners and everyone who wants to learn how to paint watercolor flowers for relaxation and to reduce stress and bring joy. 

This tutorial is ideal for beginners and improvers as a way to relax and reduce stress, as well as counteracting the tendency towards perfectionism which plagues many people these days.

Today I turned the sketchbook concept on its head, and painted a long format composition across two pages. This can be risky if both sides of the paper aren’t the same. I was using a Viviva A5 size 100% cotton sketchbook, and it actually worked out fine.


I chose for my paints the Kuretake Gansai Tambi set of 48 colours, which I often choose because of the harmonising colours and the strength of the pigment. I have heard people say that they don’t like these paints because they are opaque, but they are only opaque when you use them with minimal water. If you dilute them they become transparent like any other watercolours. And they have the advantage of being able to be used to make intense darks over other colours, something that most traditional watercolor pigments do not allow. Hence they are more liberating and exciting to use, in my opinion.

I also used the Poetique watercolor brush set which I have in 96 colours, so there is always the colour I need to match up with the Kuretake paints. Somehow it always seems to work out like that! It’s a very wide range of colours and the brush on each pen is nice and pointed, and the colours are strongly pigmented, so they are a joy to use. They have enhanced my watercolour techniques enormously since I received them a couple of years ago.

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