Thinking about Inking

Summer is drawing to a close and as the Harvest Moon begins to rise in the sky our thoughts turn to harvests of all kinds, seeds as well as fruits. Few natural subjects offer more inspiration to the artist than a hedge or field full of plants which, flowering season over, are turning to the business of setting seed for next year. Capture this yearly miracle with your pen and ink with me as we move into InkTober preparations!

Here are some resources you will need to work along with my next few videos on YouTube:

Glass Pen Set

Glass Pen

Sennelier Set of Four Inks

Sennelier Burnt Sienna Ink

Kuretaki water brush

The first video in this September season is all about seed heads. Learn how to use a loose, exciting technique for representing seed heads, ideal for poppy seed heads, aliums and grain.


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1 thought on “Thinking about Inking”

  1. Until finding Diane I thought Inktober was for a select group of artist. I had seen demonstrations but never a tutorial, chat or advice as to how you could integrate ink with watercolor in a very pleasing way. I really had no idea what a dip pen was capable of as far as using it many different ways with ink and paint. Imagine being able to get beautiful results by using ink on watercolor paper..

    I began following Diane almost 2 months ago. I am now learning how to mix colors the proper way which I knew could make or ruin your final painting. It is one thing to know but another to be able to correct the mistakes you might not be aware that you are making. With Diane you get the why and why not with color theory. This is invaluable and she teaches this free to us that follow her.

    Not only are we versed in color theory, we also learn we don’t have to purchase this or that but do need certain things to set us up to have a positive painting experience. I wasted a lot of money trying to figure out what I had to have because the majority said I need it.

    I could continue on with all the other great things you get from Diane, but I think you would enjoy discovering yourself by watching her videos. I am definitely a big fan.

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