Seahorse in Shades of Blue

Inspired by yesterday’s dabbling in iridescent medium from Winsor and Newton I decided today to jump into blue and paint a Seahorse.

There’s something to be learnt from painting in one colour only in a painting. This seahorse is bathed in a loose wet in wet mixture of cerulean, cobalt, caribbean and turquoise blues which together blend to give him an intensely blue suit fit for any underwater jewel.

Add to that a hint of silvery iridescence and you have a true gem.

Why not give him a new life, by trying out this tutorial on YouTube?


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3 thoughts on “Seahorse in Shades of Blue”

  1. I just tried this again, I think for the 4th time at least. I made it for my son’s birthday which I think he will like. Thank you for so many inspiring tutorials. I am learning so much!

  2. I’m wondering if I’m missing something… is there a sketch for this painting? The downloadable sketches do not include this one. Are there multiple pages? I can’t see a page selector thingy. There is something that says downloading, but it just spins. Thanks!

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