How to paint Hens and wildflowers – easy beginners botanical art tutorial in watercolour

Today I’m painting two of my favourite hens from the garden. Mrs Grey and Mrs White are a pair of characters who have to be different. Here they are, having a chat under a tree, maybe discussing how many eggs they have laid today. I show you the sketch and how to paint the hens as well as the line and wash process of painting the wild flowers which surround them.

Scroll down to watch the tutorial, and for a direct link to the free sketch download.

The colours I used were:

Naples Yellow

Sap Green

Quinacridone Gold

Potters pink

Cadmium Red


You can watch the tutorial here:

And you can download the sketch here:

Enjoy, and don’t forget to post your version of this painting on our Facebook Group Learn to Paint Watercolour, or on Instagram with the hashtag #dianeantonestudio.

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