Diane Antone Studio x Meeden Giveaway!

A couple of weeks ago we got in touch with Kai, our contact at Meeden, to see whether we could organise a treat for our viewers, and this month’s giveaway is the result. It’s Meeden’s first giveaway, and it’s our first too – and if it’s successful it will be the first of many!

So here are the details of the Diane Antone Studio x Meeden Giveaway:

Visit MEEDEN’S website and place an order of any size using the code DIANE10 sometime in September and you will automatically be entered. There will be one top prize, five second prizes, and ten coupon codes available to be won. Winners will be announced in early October, and if you win you will receive your prize shortly afterwards. You can enter more than once, and remember, you get free shipping and 10% off every order you place with the code DIANE10! 

If you want to see some Meeden products in action you can watch over two dozen tutorials using their supplies in this Meeden Art playlist on YouTube.

Since starting to work with Meeden Art a few months ago I can honestly say that I’ve been very impressed by the communication, organisation and openness of the company. For example, when I wanted to know what the difference was between Baohong and Meeden paper, they very happily explained that there is no difference at all. They are in the process of re-branding from Baohong to Meeden, and the Baohong paper that’s on the market is older stock than the Meeden paper. They also explained that a new full range of paper is on its way – different sizes, and different surfaces. We’re looking forward to trying them out later this month.

Meeden products are made in China, certainly, but that’s true for almost everything these days (even much with labels that try to lead us to believe otherwise…) and we’ve found that Meeden products are made to a much higher standard than many of their competitors and at a much lower price point too. So if you are like us, and appreciate honesty and good value more than a well-known brand name, I hope you will give Meeden a try if you haven’t already.


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4 thoughts on “Diane Antone Studio x Meeden Giveaway!”

  1. Help! I went on the meeden website through the link on your email, but I can no longer find the link and get back to where I was and I had an order in my cart?
    Can you give me the link to the meeden website,

  2. Diane I’ve just ordered (like 3 days ago) my first items from Meeden and I’m blown away by their service and communication. The order was split into 2 but the first item was delivered on Sunday (yesterday), not even 48 hours after I ordered it. The second item is out for delivery today. Amazing. Thank you for recommending Meeden

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