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Diving into Colour

It’s possible to be afraid of colour and of making a mess of a painting, this is something I know only too well and there are many times when I despair of the piece I’m doing turning out useable for a video. But does it matter? In this abstract watercolor floral tutorial I show you […]

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Loose Watercolor Sunflowers

Today and for any skill level, let’s capture the essence of sunflowers with their bright yellow petals and captivating shapes in this easy loose, intuitive calligraphy style with watercolor bringing them alive. Plus a new way to paint a background that will inspire you to experiment and play with your colors in creative ways. So

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Watercolor Brush Sketching Explained

Watercolor brush sketching is a technique I’ve recently developed that involves creating quick, spontaneous, and expressive artworks using watercolors and brush pens of various types. It captures the essence and impression of a subject with loose brushwork and powerful line work. It’s minimal but strong on detail, and focuses on capturing the overall mood or

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Tufted Titmouse and Friends

This tiny bird is very hardy and manages to survive in the far north of America even in the bitterest of cold winters. They are clever birds who store food in cracks in tree bark or in holes, and they manage to remember – unlike squirrels – where they have left the food and can

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Mixed Media Rocks!

Sometimes it’s just fun to play around with everything you can lay your hands on! In my “art drawer” beside my painting desk I have an assortment of pencils, pens, brush pens, paints and all sorts of things that can contribute to the look of a painting which might have started out as a watercolor.

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Vintage Violas in Watercolor

Painting Vintage Style Pansies – Simple Secrets to Successful Watercolor Sketches Why not start a botanical sketchbook this summer? Take your box of paints and a small mixed media sketchbook like mine from Canson XL and make some simple but charming vintage style sketches while enjoying the sunshine. Any patch of garden or park will

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Watercolor and Ink Poppies

With the Superbloom in full force at the moment what could be more appropriate than a page of poppies? This quick video will give you plenty of ideas for your own poppy fiesta! Any paints are suitable for this style of painting. Materials Here are the materials I used for this little page of poppies.

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Easy Floral Bookmarks to Create

Everyone needs a new bookmark! Come the very first harbingers of spring and our thoughts turn naturally to flowers, and one of the earliest is the crocus. Last month we made bookmarks with a Snowdrop design and this month I’m going to show you how I painted some purple Crocus bookmarks, and just for fun,

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Easy Abstract Winter Mood

I felt it was time to dig out my dip pen and some ink and have a scratch into an abstract background, so that’s what I’m doing in this quick study. I picked a piece of paper from my stash more or less at random. It’s a piece of Saunders Waterford paper, 100% cotton, but

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Baby Birds and Baubles

Today I decided to start the morning session in the studio with a loose warm-up exploring my Kuretake Gansai Tambi paints, before going on to the main painting of the day. So using my medium sized Isabey quill brush I simply picked up color at random from the set and made circles on a piece

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Easy Relaxing Watercolor Doodles

Join me for a morning in my studio as I explore doodling with flowers, leaves and trees and using experimental and easy techniques every watercolor artist needs to learn. Create backgrounds and floral designs that have that little bit of extra organic oomph. Let’s get started! How to Create Easy Relaxing Watercolor Doodles from my

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Meditative Christmas Bookmarks

Grab yourself a few minutes of me-time and paint this meditative rose watercolor, then turn them into a quick last minute gift for the book-lover in your life! Using one sheet of paper, a waterproof pen and the colors which are sitting on your palette you can easily create this pretty bookmark in just a

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