Starry Sky Bookmarks

I’d squeezed out a lot of indigo for the previous painting I’d done, and rather than let it dry and possibly go to waste, I decided to use it on a project I’d been back-burnering for a long time – some starry sky bookmarks. Maybe it was because I’d just watched “Don’t Look Up!” and …

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Watercolor Fishing Harbor Scene

Paint this little fishing village harbour scene complete with boats and lighthouse in your Etchr sketchbook. Using A. Gallo paints and a Sakura Micron pen you can make up your own details to reflect your own experience of villages like this. Let’s go paint! What’s more delightful than hanging out by the water, and gazing …

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Simple Olive Leaf Bookmarks

Here’s a sweet meditative and relaxing warm-up exercise for you to achieve two things – practice watercolor techniques and create a little gift in the form of these Simple Olive Leaf Bookmarks! All you need is your watercolor set, a brush and a fineliner. Plus half an hour of your time and away you go! …

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Meditative Christmas Bookmarks

Grab yourself a few minutes of me-time and paint this meditative rose watercolor, then turn them into a quick last minute gift for the book-lover in your life! Using one sheet of paper, a waterproof pen and the colors which are sitting on your palette you can easily create this pretty bookmark in just a …

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