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Loose Watercolor Sunflowers

Today and for any skill level, let’s capture the essence of sunflowers with their bright yellow petals and captivating shapes in this easy loose, intuitive calligraphy style with watercolor bringing them alive. Plus a new way to paint a background that will inspire you to experiment and play with your colors in creative ways. So […]

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Why do we love to paint?

Most of us say these days that we paint for relaxation, don’t we. We used to talk about our hobbies, but nowadays you rarely hear that term used, as young people love to consider their mental health, their need to relax, the pressure of life and social media, and much much more. Long gone are

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Oak Leaf Fall Greetings Card

The leaves are starting to change color and fall now that autumn is here. So how about this pretty mixed media design to use for your autumn greetings cards? You can download the sketch to help you with the painting right here. Materials I recently received a pack of Etchr greetings cards with matching envelopes

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Whimsical Teddy Bear Family

Here’s a fun teddy bear painting ideal to while away a few idle moments! Perfect gift for a new baby great or one to do with the kids and perfect for a card for your friends! Add your own personal touches to make it yours! The great thing about this little painting is that it

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