Chickadees and Pumpkins – in the mood for fall

Chickadees and Pumpkins – in the mood for fall! Today we are going to paint birds, leaves, seeds and pumpkins! Let’s choose a subtle palette and get started! If you would like the sketch for this painting you can download it free of charge here: I decided I wanted a slightly more muted palette for…

Painting Easy Loose Blue Butterflies

Butterflies are one of the most popular subjects for watercolor painters and the reason is clear – they can let you give free rein to your imagination, and allow you to make up whatever patterns and designs you wish! A scroll through Pinterest will reveal literally hundreds of thousands of versions of butterflies! Here today…

How to Paint an Autumn Tree

There are as many ways of rendering a tree as there are trees in a forest. In today’s video I decided to go for a really loose wash to indicate the bronzing foliage of September, and then drew the trunk and branches with a Staedtler Noris Aquarell black pencil. This gives a very realistic impression…

Swallows and Seedheads in Blue and Gold

Swallows and Seedheads in Blue and Gold ink and paint are a striking image for the end of summer in the northern hemisphere, when the swallows depart to return home to North Africa, and the flowers turn to seeds in preparation for the dormancy of winter.

Fun with Flowers

Looking for something really quick and easy for you to paint today, I created these simple, easy and colorful flowers.