Diving into Colour

It’s possible to be afraid of colour and of making a mess of a painting, this is something I know only too well and there are many times when I despair of the piece I’m doing turning out useable for a video. But does it matter? In this abstract watercolor floral tutorial I show you […]

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Vintage Violas in Watercolor

Painting Vintage Style Pansies – Simple Secrets to Successful Watercolor Sketches Why not start a botanical sketchbook this summer? Take your box of paints and a small mixed media sketchbook like mine from Canson XL and make some simple but charming vintage style sketches while enjoying the sunshine. Any patch of garden or park will

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Winter Watercolor Bouquet

Here’s a little idea for a sweet gift for a friend or relative who loves flowers and art. Ideal for beginners, as this style of watercolor requires no experience and no expertise whatever to achieve a light, modern look sure to please. You’ll be amazed when you pop your creation in a simple frame and

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Loose Watercolor Pansies

We have a lovely collection of pansies in our garden. Nothing spectacular, but they self-seed every year and every year they come back with their lovely colours and cheerful faces! So every year I have to paint them, of course! So here is a tutorial for Pansies for Spring!

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How to Paint and Draw Sweet Peas

Pretty Sweet Peas are everyone’s favorite, whether you’re a gardener, flower arranger or artist, and as well as being beautiful they have a lovely scent. In fact, in French they are called Pois de Senteur or “scented peas”. So today I’ve picked three colors – Cobalt Blue, Permanent Rose and Sap Green, along with my

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Paint a Sunflower on Canvas

On our Facebook group we have a challenge running right now, with a prize at the end of May, to paint a sunflower painting every day until the end of the month. The idea is to use the sunflower as a warm-up for your painting session, and to practice skills without having to decide what

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