World Watercolor Month Prompts for July 2023

Here are our special prompts for World Watercolor Month 2023 #worldwatercolormonth2023

The prompts can be painted in as simple or as detailed a way as you wish. Just take one element from the prompt and keep it really easy and quick, or go all out, depending on your mood and the time available.

You can use all sorts of techniques for this project, not only watercolor. Mix it up with mixed media!

The Diane Antone Studio Prompts for #worldwatercolormonth:

  1. Beach umbrellas and chairs on a sandy shore.
  2. A colorful ice cream cone melting under the sun.
  3. A vibrant bouquet of summer flowers.
  4. A sunny landscape with rolling hills and a clear blue sky.
  5. Children playing in a sprinkler on a hot day.
  6. A sailboat gliding on calm waters.
  7. A close-up of juicy, ripe summer fruits.
  8. A tropical palm tree silhouetted against a sunset sky.
  9. A bustling farmers’ market with vibrant produce.
  10. A picnic scene with a checkered blanket and baskets of food.
  11. Sunflowers swaying in a gentle breeze.
  12. A colorful parasol casting shade on a sandy beach.
  13. A scenic coastal view with crashing waves.
  14. A peaceful garden with blooming flowers and butterflies.
  15. A picturesque sunset over a tranquil lake.
  16. A collection of seashells and starfish arranged on a sandy beach.
  17. Dolphins jumping out of the water in the middle of the ocean.
  18. A lively outdoor cafe scene with people enjoying drinks.
  19. A pair of flip-flops and a beach towel on a deckchair.
  20. A watercolor map of a tropical island with landmarks.
  21. A playful scene of children flying kites in a meadow.
  22. A vibrant coral reef with colorful fish and marine life.
  23. A serene forest scene with dappled sunlight filtering through trees.
  24. A close-up of a sunflower field with bees buzzing around.
  25. A charming seaside village with colorful houses and boats.
  26. A backyard barbecue with grill, food, and friends.
  27. A lively street market with vendors and colorful stalls.
  28. A family enjoying a day at the water park.
  29. A hammock swaying between two palm trees on a tropical beach.
  30. A serene countryside landscape with rolling fields and a winding river.
  31. Adirondack chairs on the porch in a flower filled yard.


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