Don’t watch this video!

Don’t watch this video if you are looking for slick polished content with not a second of breathing space between words! Don’t watch if you want to see a performance of dazzling skill, impressive mastery of a demanding medium over a tricky subject, or a humbling demonstration of nineteen different tricks you should have known since time began.

But do watch if you want proof that we are all in the same leaky boat, with our fears and insecurities, no matter how unjustified. That we all lack courage, inspiration or energy sometimes. And that there is usually a way out. Although it might be uncomfortable and unfamiliar, it’s there.

Sometimes external forces affect us in ways we don’t expect. I find I am strangely disturbed when there are local events that seem out of all proportion to what ought to happen to our tiny rural community. And then just when you need your painting more than ever, to offset those feelings, it goes on holiday and won’t be called back.

So here’s a video exploring how I managed to break my block again, and get the creativity moving, if not exactly flowing in torrents!


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1 thought on “Don’t watch this video!”


    Don’t let the haters get you down Diane. They’re just negative people who do nothing nice for others and only see life that way. You give so much and shouldn’t have to deal with people like that, but unfortunately it’s a part of the Internet. Keep doing the great work that you do. I love your videos and your art work. Thank you so much for all you’ve given me.

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