Easy-Peasy Bumble Bee-Zee

Our garden is full of bees at the moment, bumble bees, honey bees and various other types of bee, all buzzing around merrily pollinating the flowers which are merrily giving me hay fever!

So today I thought I would paint three quick bumble bees in my loose style, accompanied by some equally loose floral elements.

For this painting I used my set of Meeden watercolor paints, available here on our website. They have proved to be a wonderful set of paints, which dry pretty much the same color as they are when wet, something that not all paints can guarantee.

The colours I used were Brilliant Purple and Violet for the flowers, Sap Green for the leaves, and Pale Yellow and Black for the bees.

The brush I used was a size 8 round synthetic. I can recommend the Princeton Aqua Elite range for reliability.

For paper I chose a sheet of Arches Lavis Fidelis paper, which is available from good art stores. But the paper isn’t important, and any 140lb watercolor paper will be fine for this painting. My sheet was 10 x 13 inches in size. I suggest Bockingford blocks available here.


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