Bees, Butterflies and Dragonflies Sketch Bundle 1

Suggested price: $5.00

This bundle contains ten (10) Bee, Butterfly and Dragonfly sketches from January to July 2021.

This is a Name Your Price product, which means you can choose the price you pay. The minimum price is $2.50 but if you choose to pay a bit more, you will be contributing to the running of this website and the creation of our free realtime tutorials on YouTube.

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Minimum price: $2.50

This bundle contains ten (10) Bird sketches from January to July 2021, as follows:

        • Bumblebee and Lavender
        • Butterfly and Cornflower
        • Butterflies
        • Dragonflies
        • Bumblebee
        • Dragonfly and Butterflies
        • Dragonfly and Teacup
        • Dragonfly
        • Butterfly Meadow
        • Butterfly Wreath
      • All of these sketches have FREE full-length, real-time, detailed, step-by-step narrated watercolor tutorials on YouTube to help you to create your very own beautiful work of art.


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