May 2022


  1. We love this peacock print. The colors are vivid and the loose way Diane has painted the subject makes you smile every time you look at it.

  2. I ordered this print for a gallery wall in our living room. We absolutely love it. The colors are perfect. It makes you feel like you are instantly transported to Spain.

  3. I love to watch your videos. You have a soothing and calming voice. I need this at this point in my life. Nothing has been the same since the pandemic. I hope this makes sense to you. Thank you so much for the sketches.

  4. I just tried this again, I think for the 4th time at least. I made it for my son’s birthday which I think he will like. Thank you for so many inspiring tutorials. I am learning so much!

  5. Until finding Diane I thought Inktober was for a select group of artist. I had seen demonstrations but never a tutorial, chat or advice as to how you could integrate ink with watercolor in a very pleasing way. I really had no idea what a dip pen was capable of as far as using it many different ways with ink and paint. Imagine being able to get beautiful results by using ink on watercolor paper..

    I began following Diane almost 2 months ago. I am now learning how to mix colors the proper way which I knew could make or ruin your final painting. It is one thing to know but another to be able to correct the mistakes you might not be aware that you are making. With Diane you get the why and why not with color theory. This is invaluable and she teaches this free to us that follow her.

    Not only are we versed in color theory, we also learn we don’t have to purchase this or that but do need certain things to set us up to have a positive painting experience. I wasted a lot of money trying to figure out what I had to have because the majority said I need it.

    I could continue on with all the other great things you get from Diane, but I think you would enjoy discovering yourself by watching her videos. I am definitely a big fan.

  6. I found it most interesting to learn about your training. And your trees! Every painting is stunning. It is hard to pick a favorite, but I think mine is Autumn Landscape with Trees. I have learned to love quinacridone gold from following you and ordered a tube some weeks ago. I like the blue and black in the painting also. Don’t know why but I always like black in paintings, whether it is paint or pen. Maybe that is why I am so drawn to your style,. Thank you for sharing your training with us in this blog and in every single one of your tutorials. I am learning a lot from you!

    • Hi Yvonne, thanks so much for your comment! I’m so glad you found us and I look forward to seeing messages from you! Only just found this one so forgive me if my reply is late! Lots of black coming up in October as I will be participating in Inktober for the first time! Happy painting!

  7. I’m wondering if I’m missing something… is there a sketch for this painting? The downloadable sketches do not include this one. Are there multiple pages? I can’t see a page selector thingy. There is something that says downloading, but it just spins. Thanks!

  8. Love these little chickadees. I did the single chickadee yesterday with the wash plus salt . Very cool affect. Love learning new things. But I have questions, if you have time to answer – you taped down the 6 chickadees in oak leaves. What type of tape is that? It resembles parcel packing tape used here in U.S. Does it “release” well. I use masking tape but have to slant it when carefully removing it so it doesn’t ‘skin’ my paper.
    And I have updates re: paint storage. Amazon US doesn’t currently have paint trays or inserts. does not currently have paint storage trays. Search engines can promote interest and in 2 weeks, I’ll check again. Sigh. Thank you for making these videos. I am still learning but I like your presentation, knowledge base, sense of humor and will continue to watch your channel with interest.

    • Hi Linda, thanks very much for your message. So glad you enjoyed the chickadee! Now to answer your questions: the six chickadees were done on stretched paper. There is a video on that if you scroll back through the archives! It is indeed parcel packing tape, or something very similar, which is brown paper with a adhesive backing that needs to be wetted. In the video I explain how you stretch paper in order to achieve a surface which is smooth and doesn’t buckle when you add a lot of water. For many paintings it doesn’t matter but sometimes I use a lot of water and in that case it is much better to have stretched paper. If you want to use self adhesive tape, like masking tape, to tape down your work, I would suggest you buy some Washie tape because that doesn’t stick as tightly as masking tape. Sorry to hear that you can’t get the paint trays or inserts on line. I don’t know whether you could get them shipped from England? Probably would be prohibitively expensive. We have a lot of trouble with things being on available to us over here in France. I’m glad you enjoy the videos, and do please keep watching! Lots of good stuff coming up as we go up towards the holiday season! Thanks so much for getting in touch, and I look forward to chatting!

  9. Tell us more about the ink AND pen. It looked so smooth, no skips and no scratching. And no running when watercolor hits it. I think these bookmarks are great gifts for friends in church, clubs, etc..

    • Hi Linda, thanks for your comment and your wonderful generosity and support for the channel! Very much appreciated! The pen I used for the bookmarks is a glass pen. I unfortunately don’t know where it came from as it was a gift from Tamsin and she has forgotten where she bought it! But there are glass pens on Amazon and elsewhere which I’m sure would be similiar to use. The ink I was using was a good quality but old Sennelier Indian ink. You have to remember to wash the nib clean when you’re finished or else it gets clogged up. I have tried the same pen with some new Sennelier Ink and it doesn’t work as well – the ink seems to be too thin to make a good line. Such a problem with quality these days. So if you buy a glass pen (not expensive) you might need to try a couple of types of ink until you find a good one. Someone recently recommended Watermans ink as being the very best, followed by Pelikan. Hope this helps!

  10. I always learn so much when watching your videos. Frequently I make a note during your videos. Then afterwards, I follow those notes that lead me to other wonderful discoveries, water color pencils, fountains pen & ink for highlights, saucers for mixing my colors prior starting the painting, on & on. It’s part of the journey. I learn new things in the side trips. Keep doing “your” thing.

  11. Lovely painting thank you. You are very inspirational to me. I have been trying to learn how to paint looser for more than 20 years. Now that I have found you I will carry on practising and maybe I will produce a painting that I like. Regards Joy

  12. Autumn Woodland – a bit out of my comfort zone. It was scary but I took good notes as I watched. I even wrote a warning to myself “Scrape tree shapes while paint is wet” . Alas, I let the paint dry and had to spritz with water & scrape. Yes, it scraped part of the paper off. But I pushed on into this new frontier and I love how it turned out. I will definitely do it again the correct way. Thank you, Diane, for the variety you show us. I am enjoying watercolors so much.

  13. Diane, this is truly a fascinating painting! I love the way you come up with so many new ideas based on tried and true subjects. This may be above my pay grade as far as watercolor experience goes, but I tried the Autumn Wreath (in the Autumn colors) and am surprisingly pleased with the outcome. So, why not try this one? Much to learn from these!!! Thank you!

    • Hi Connie, thanks so much for your comment, and I’m so glad you enjoyed the painting! Don’t imagine it is too hard for you! If you follow the instructions on the video step by step you will succeed! If you’re not sure about the drawing side, don’t forget you can download the sketch and trace it. Best of luck and I expect you will succeed – don’t forget also to share it if you want to the facebook group!

  14. This is so festive. I took my time with it and like you, I also inked mine with my Staedtler .005 pigment liner. I’m going to have fun with this. As soon as it dries, I have a frame waiting for it.

    • Excellent Linda! So glad you enjoyed this little painting and are going to frame it. Thanks for all your support, much appreciated and noted with sincere gratitude xxx

  15. I’m very happy stumble upon your YouTube videos. I find being creative helps me decompress as well. Thank you

  16. Hi Diane
    LOVE your work and greatly enjoy the tutorials Have also sent £ 25 00 to your animal charity Thankyou for all your lovely work
    Best Wishes Susannah

    • Thanks so much Susannah for both your generosity and your kind words. Hope you continue to enjoy the videos! Best wishes, Diane.

  17. Diane, I really like your style of painting and I am enjoying your tutorials and appreciate the sketch downloads. I wanted to let you know that sometimes before I can finish my selections the site takes me to some gaming store and won’t let me complete printing my sketches. The company’s name is and called your

    • Hi Kelly, I’m sorry about that advertising which is interrupting your viewing of the sketches. Unfortunately we can’t control the ads that Google puts on the website, so all I can suggest is that you click on the “close” cross on the ad to get rid of it. Apologies again and thanks for watching the videos!

  18. I absolutely love this one, it reminds me of my childhood visage where I was born. Thankyou.

  19. Can this dragonfly mug be delivered to a UK address, even though I am in the USA?

    • Yes, absolutely! Just enter your billing details and then choose ‘Deliver to different address’. When you enter the UK delivery address it will automatically recalculate the shipping, and the mug will be despatched from their closest facility (probably the one in Spain).

  20. Hi Diane: It’s Wanda from Canada. I just registered for your newsletter. I have used a few of your sketches so just, through tip donation, sent you 5 Pounds. You don’t happen to use E-transfer do you?
    I am learning so much from your tutorials. I will never be a great painter, and that’s okay, but I am enjoying the ease at which you teach which in turn, instills in me confidence to carry on! Ha
    I ordered the Kuretake 36 colour set that you suggested. Boy what a difference! love them thank you for that.
    Bye for now….Wanda

  21. Enjoy your Utube video, thank you for sharing your time and talent France must be wonderful this time of year. Listened to your remembering of Bermuda, only been there once but fell in love with Island and didn’t want to leave. I am very new to watercolors, colored pencil has been my medium up until now. You have really opened my eyes. I know I have a lot to learn, but I’d like to learn more about brushes and their function. Have you done a video already that I missed?

  22. Hi Diane, your work is a godsend for my beginning art. I sent you $10 just before I registered so I can download more sketches.
    Thank you!

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