Watch this… and now paint THIS Challenge from March 2023!

Each month we have a challenge on Facebook for members of the Diane Antone Studio Members Group, to provide you with daily inspiration and motivation so that you don’t ever have to get stuck wondering what to paint! The private Members Group on Facebook is specially for everyone who is either a member of our YouTube Membership or a supporter on our Patreon. As a Member you can look forward to receiving daily prompts wherever you prefer (we post them to YouTube, Patreon and Facebook) and when you’ve done your paintings you can post them on the private Facebook group to share with lots of friendly like-minded watercolor fans.

Once the month has finished, we post the challenges here on our website for anyone to see and follow, or for members to revisit in the future!


This month’s daily prompts are short videos from my YouTube channel, and the challenge is to watch the short and then paint another subject in a similar style.

As always, the challenge is to paint something – anything – every day, so don’t be tempted to be too ambitious and then run out of time! I suggest mini-projects that need only take ten minutes and can be done on scrap paper with whatever medium you fancy or which comes to hand – paint, coloured pencils, ink, markers, whatever you prefer.

#nowpaintthis challenge March 2023

Day 1:

Watch this #short of Spatter Flowers

Now Paint a Spatter TREE!

Day 2:

Watch this #short of Cute Watercolor Birds (for beginners)

Now paint Cute CATS in this style sitting in a Tree Branch!

Day 3:

Watch this #short of a Loose Watercolor Sunset over Ocean

Now paint your version of a sunset over a LAKE in this style

Day 4:

Watch this #paintabirdaday #short of an Owl

Now paint your favorite bird in this style!

Day 5:

Watch this #short of Rainbow Flower Bookmarks

Now paint a wet in wet rainbow with your choice of doodles!

Day 6:

Watch this #short of Loose Spatter Dragonflies

Now paint a page of loose spatter BUTTERFLIES 

Day 7:

Watch this #short of a vibrant Sea Turtle

Now paint any aquatic animal in this style!

Day 8:

Watch this #short of Wet in Wet Fall Flowers 

Now paint Spring Flowers using this technique!

Day 9:

Watch this #paintabirdaday #short of a Cute Bird

Now paint YOUR Bird for the Day!

Day 10:

Watch this #short of a Funky Landscape

Now paint where you live in this style!

Day 11:

Watch this #short about making my House Plants POP

Now set up and paint a row of your own houseplants.

Day 12:

Watch this #short of Stress busting Circles!

Now paint your own page of wild circles!

Day 13:

Watch this #short of Wet in Wet Pansies 

Now find a flower and paint it using this technique!

Day 14:

Watch this #short of Warm Winter Leaf Doodles

Now paint a page of Spring leaves in fresh colors!

Day 15:

Watch this #short of a doodled page of Dragonflies

Now paint a page of Butterflies for your Reverse Coloring book!

Day 16:

Watch this #paintabirdaday #short of a Sassy Bird with Doodles

Now paint an animal of your choice with DOODLES 

Day 17:

Watch this #short of a flock of Whimsical Sheep

Now paint and doodle a sheep of your own!

Day 18:

Watch this #short of a vase of Pastel Flowers

Now paint a vase of Vibrant Spring Flowers!

Day 19:

Watch this #short of abstract Horizontal Lines

Now pick five favorite colors that go together and paint Vertical Lines!

Day 20:

Watch this #short of a sketching and painting a Chicken

Now sketch and paint a chicken in a different pose!

(You might find this 2 minute video helpful –

Day 21:

Watch this #short of wet in wet Tulips

Now paint tulips in the same way – and then give them some leaves!

Day 22:

Watch this #short of painting Poppies in a Minute

Now paint golden California poppies in the same way!

Day 23:

Watch this #short of Five Quick Watercolor Bird Ideas 

Now paint five quick watercolor Fish in the same way!

Day 24:

Watch this #short of Color Mixing Swatches and Doodles

Now paint a page of circles, using color mixes you’ve never tried before!

Day 25:

Watch this #short of Spatter Painted Wisteria

Now paint your favorite plant or tree with trailing flowers!

Day 26:

Watch this #short of a cute Teddy Bear

Now paint your (or your children’s or grandchildren’s) favorite bear!

Day 27:

Watch this #short of painting flowers from dots

Now paint some flowers like this in a color to suit your mood!

Day 28:

Watch this #short of painting Cute Watercolor Cats

Now paint a cat like this, but don’t use any of the same colors

Day 29:

Watch this #short of painting an Easter Bunny with an Egg

Now paint your own bunny and give him or her some flowers! 

(Here’s the sketch of the rabbit:

Day 30:

Watch this #short of painting a View through a Window Frame

Now paint what you can see through your window – or what you wish you could see! 

Day 31

Watch this #short of sketching and coloring a page of Leaves and Flowers.

Now draw and paint a page like this but make the flowers the stars of the show!


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