Whimsical Houses on a Hill

This easy landscape solves all the problems that landscape paintings usually bring. With this style you don’t need to worry about realism, or perspective, or color mixing, or living up to anyone’s expectations or standards. You just paint from the imagination and from the heart.

We already did a couple of 2D landscapes to introduce you to the whole idea and removing the perspective issue. It was also great fun. Now here’s another one which is also great fun and just as easy!

For this painting I used a piece of Etchr 140lb watercolor paper, from their A4 block, about 9 x 12 inches in size. I was using thicker paper to avoid any buckling when I started to paint. Here are another few options.

For the drawing part of the painting I used a fineliner pen. My choices are shown below. There are other options but make sure your pen is waterproof if you want to be able to paint over it. I think it’s a given that the pens aren’t going to last forever when you use them in conjunction with watercolor paint, but they are inexpensive enough not to worry about this too much.

For the painting of the picture I used my watercolors from A. Gallo in Italy. These are handmade watercolors which come in a range of delectable colors unavailable elsewhere. I have the Signature Set 1 and 2 and you can buy them direct from A. Gallo here: https://www.agallocolors.com/shop

Alternatively Jacksons Art do stock their 48 color set and smaller sets of 6 or 12 to try them out, and a starter 24 set but you need the 48 set to get the special colors. Find them all here:

The other supplies I needed for this painting were some metallic paint in gold to paint the border to the picture, although this is not essential and you could use any color paint, or leave the border out, or do it in black or another color ink.

These are a selection of good metallic colors I can recommend:

And finally the brushes I used were a small round, size 3 for the details, and a larger one, size 7 or 9, for the larger parts of the painting. Depending on the size you design your painting, you might need a bigger or smaller brush.

Here are a few good options for brushes:

How to Paint the Whimsical Landscape

Here are three more good choices for paper when you paint your picture.

And here are some options for inexpensive paints as a beginner. ideal for How to Paint Graphite Circles for you to paint:


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