Loose Watercolor Anemones

Anemones are a favorite flower for the house and look good tucked into a corner. The same goes for a painting of a bunch of anemones in whatever color you like best, as they come in every shade from white to deep purple. So let’s get painting!

My paint box from 1989

In this video I talk about the choice of colors I made to create my first watercolor painting box back in 1989. Here’s the list of colors which I chose at that time, plus a few extras which have made the box a complete set, capable of painting any type of composition.


Cadmium Red

Alizarin Crimson

Permanent Rose

WInsor Red

Cadmium Orange


Lemon Yellow

Transparent Yellow

Cadmium Yellow

Yellow Ochre

Naples Yellow


Cerulean Blue

Cobalt Blue

Ultramarine Blue

Pthalo Blue

Winsor Blue

Prussian Blue

Ultramarine Violet

Winsor Violet


Sap Green

Winsor Green

Winsor Turquoise


Burnt Sienna

Caput Mortuum


Raw Umber

Burnt Umber

English Red


Paynes Grey

Ivory Black

Lamp Black

I suggest you buy your colors from Jacksons online shop. They have the best prices and best stocks, and you get 10% off their already low prices when you place your first order, and plus, you are helping us out as we get a little commission from Jacksons when you purchase via our link. Click below to go to their shop:

Painting Loose Watercolor Anemones – how to paint impressionistic and lively flowers

Here’s a closeup of this painting so you can see how loose the work is. I used only one brush, four shades of red, one yellow and one green. The paper I used was a stretched sheet of Bockingford. All my materials are available from Jacksons. Their shipping charge is very reasonable and they are reliable.

f you want to follow along and have a go at this subject, the link to the YouTube video is here.

Similar loose flower video – A Vase of Flowers


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