Easy Winter Landscape

Easy Winter Watercolor Landscape for Beginners – PLUS How to Paint Snowy Trees and more

Here’s a fun and easy Winter Watercolor Landscape for Beginners and Improvers full of simple but effective techniques for achieving a great painting. You can find the sketch for this painting here free to download.

In this video I show you how to paint a wintery sky in the easiest possible way, as well as how to give the impression of distance in the landscape. I introduce you to a method of using wax resist to create a snowy tree and how to paint snowy fir trees in the distance.

So let’s get started!



For this painting it’s best to have a piece of paper that will stay flat during the painting process, although as it is not a very wet painting it is not as important as it can be. If you don’t have a block of paper (glued all round) on hand, taping down your sheet with masking tape will be okay too.

I chose a block of paper by Etchr but there are many other alternatives. If you take a look at my Amazon shop you’ll find many suggestions there for tried and tested paper as well as other materials I recommend.


For this painting these are the colors I used:

Yellow – Raw Sienna, Yellow Ochre or Naples Yellow

Blue – Cerulean, Cobalt or Ultramarine

Green – Olive, Sap or Hookers

Grey – Paynes, Neutral Tint or Black

Red – Cadmium, Alizarin, Winsor Violet

Brown – Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber or Indian Red

Watch the video here!


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