• Wet in Wet Advent Candle
    This is a quick true wet-in-wet painting of a candle. What is Wet-in-Wet painting? When I studied anthroposophical (Waldorf) art when I was training to become a Waldorf School (Steiner School) teacher, we spent a lot of time painting wet in wet. It is the first painting method that is taught to children when they begin to learn to paint in a traditional Waldorf School in Germany, where the educational method of Rudolf Steiner originated and is still very influential. This method of painting involves soaking the whole piece of paper with water first. Then, the painting is done directly […]
  • Painting a Crow
    This is a realistic painting of a handsome black Crow. How do we paint the colour black? I remember reading somewhere many years ago that there was no such thing as the colour black, just the absence of colour where all light had been absorbed. For that reason, black would “contain” all colours, and modern painters were warned not to use Lamp Black or Ivory Black in their paintings as they were dull and lifeless tube colours. Paynes Grey became more acceptable, as it is a blend of Black and Indigo Blue. Although this Crow appears to be black, he […]