Starting to Paint in Oils

There’s no need to be intimidated at the thought of oils. Forget about all those square metres of painted linen canvas hanging in the art galleries and museums around the world. Who would have thought how BIG some of those paintings are! On the other hand, the Mona Lisa is diminutive yet arguably the most famous painting in the world measuring only 50 x 70 cm.

I enjoy producing little oils and to tell the truth the small ones are the ones that sell most easily.

Here’s a 6 x 6 inch oil on canvas which I painted in one session, using one brush. Little sketches like this are easy to do and make a strong statement on your wall or as a gift.

Watch out for tutorials on this topic soon.

Meanwhile, here is a set of links to the equipment you need to start oil painting on a small scale. See my previous blog for recommendations of beginners oil sets.

In addition to this you will need some lint free cloths for wiping brushes, and a palette to mix paint on (a plastic picnic type plate would do at a pinch). I use a sheet of safety glass on top of a white surface. Or you can buy paper palettes which you can use on a tray and throw the paper away when you’re done.

Now you have everything you need, so let’s get started!